This heavily built tractor bucket is a great replacement for heavy use applications. This bucket has a heavy cross tube in the top to keep from collapsing and uses ½” wear strips under the bottom and on leading edges of the sides of the bucket. The ¾” x 6” cutting edge can have teeth welded to it or you can bolt on a tooth bar for use as smooth or tooth.

Our extreme duty stump bucket is the most effective and versatile stump bucket on the market. The long profile and curved bottom make quick work of large stumps and can pry up rocks with ease. It reaches far under the stump and tears the roots with the teeth up the side of the bucket. Other uses for this bucket include, prying up old fence posts, removing sidewalks and asphalt, digging ditches and swales.
  • Features
    • Curved bottom for better leverage
    • 3 replaceable cast teeth
    • 1” x 8” cutting edge
    • Heavily gusseted quick attach
    • Reverse curled teeth up both sides
    • Narrow profile digs without wedging in the ground
    • Measures 56” long

This heavy duty 4-in-1 bucket will make a skid steer or compact track loader into a very versatile machine. Use as a grapple for moving logs or debris, push dirt with the blade like a dozer, dig with the bucket, or back drag with the open bucket like a box blade. Uses 2 powerful cylinders and can be greased on all pivot points. Pilot operated check valve to control drifting available.

  • Features
    • Sides ½”
    • Cutting Edge ¾” X 6”
    • Cylinder Reinforcements ½”
    • Structural Tube ¼” wall
    • Rear Cutting Edge ¾” X 6”
    • Pivot Pins 1 ½”
    • Cylinder Pins 1 ¼”
    • 6 Grease fittings
    • Over all Height 29”
    • Bucket Height 23”
    • Bucket Depth 32”

This extremely handy jobsite dumpster bucket is well worth its weight. Put it close to the work being done as an oversized thrash bucket and just carry it to the large dumpster or when full. Also carry light weight product around jobsites or even tools. Other uses include carrying mulch, trees, shrubs, gravel, and sand.

The Blue Diamond Front-Dump Bucket allows you to load trucks you normally could not reach. You gain an average of 5 feet in height and 3 feet in reach.

Our high-capacity snow and mulch bucket allows you to move more bulky material in one scoop. Great for mulch, salt, grain, snow, or sawdust. A bolt-on-edge is an option worth considering if you run on concrete or asphalt.

Our low-profile skid steer buckets are available in a variety of configurations. We offer weld-on-cutting edge, bolt-on-cutting edge, teeth, tooth bar, or long bottom. These well-engineered buckets offer a powerful breakout force and great visibility.

  • Features
    • 60” Through 72” use 3/16” material
    • 78”-84” use ¼” material
    • ¾” x 6” cutting edge
    • Bolt-On-Edge available

The rock bucket grapple is an extremely versatile attachment. Pick rocks, clean up job sites, clear brush, dress yards, carry logs and firewood. This multi-purpose tool is offered in 3 configurations for various sizes of machines.